Mind Body Medicine / Therapy

Mind and Body are One.

Mind Body Medicine focuses on how the mind interacts with the body, using counselling, body therapies, nutrition, crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, just to name a few, in order to tune the mind and body back to the universes natural energies.

The brain does not finish in the head but ranges all through the body. The brain’s job is to coordinate and control the body, and to ensure it functions well. Western medicine has proven stress produces disease. It does this by changing cellular and organ function, metabolism and impeding key processes such as digestion.

Mind Body Medicine Approach

Mind Body Medicine recognises we are in our best health when we connect inwardly and express that outwardly. When we are true to our self and our life reflects what we most value we tend to have less stress and are most happy. Alternatively, when we feel constrained, stuck, and unable to be free to be ourselves, and our life does not reflect our deeper values we get stressed and become unwell.

We are born naturally expressing our innate nature, EASE. We are just ourselves. Then we react to events and begin to constrain our behaviour in order to get what we want – whether it is love, or value or control or acceptance, Dis-EASE.

Mind Body Medicine recognises that different behaviours produce different diseases. It looks at a range of complementary medicine models in order to gain an understanding of what drives specific illnesses, symptoms and signs. It looks thematically at the whole client history, trying to understand the key psychological behavioural themes and drivers.

The key to empowering clients is to find the key motivator behind their behaviour. So often in life we do things without consciously knowing why we do them. When our lifestyle is contributing to our illness it becomes very important to understand what is motivating us to behave in this way.

For example we may seek love or look to avoid hurt. To avoid hurt we may try to care for others or do what they want so that they don’t leave us. The caring and doing what they want is our behaviour, avoiding hurt is what motivates us.

There are 4 steps to recovery from chronic illness:

  1. Taking responsibility for our reactions to events and how we live our life
  2. Connecting to our deeper self
  3. Understanding/redefining what the problem is
    • What are the key drivers?
    • Redefine the problem
  4. Diffusing the solution so that we can embrace it.

Mind Body Medicine tackles all four steps.

To help people connect we:

    • Use the body through:
      • Movement
      • Touch
      • Primitive reflexes
      • Breathing
      • Felt sense
      • Kinesiology (Muscle monitoring)
    • Use the Mind through:
      • Visualisation
      • Imagery
      • Inner child
      • Counselling

To help with understanding we use many assessments:

    • Structural/orthopaedic
    • Neurological
    • Constitutional
    • Kinesiology (muscle monitoring)
    • Body psychology assessments
      • Analyse the psychology of posture
      • Observation and palpation
      • TCM tongue and pulse diagnosis
      • TCM channel theory

Mind Body Medicine also maps symptoms and psychology. Constitutional systems are particularly important for this and include: Homeopathic, 5 Element, Ba Gua and Chakra constitutions.

Mind Body Medicine aims to self-empower clients through helping them understand and connect to themself; listen to their body with new awareness; and to encourage expression of the innate self in order to embrace wellness and wholeness.

Therapy consultations are confidential sessions which are usually one hour. The number of sessions will depend on the needs of the client.