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The Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin in 1859 was to be the platform that was to hinder mankind’s progress through his hypothesis that we are apes, and as animals, the only way to succeed was to destroy your competition. In accord with Darwin’s theories of natural selection, where there are elements where this rings true, yet in Darwin’s own words he freely professed, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Humans have been endowed with a gift that no other creation possesses, and this is the gift of reason. We are capable of conversation, imagination and reason. This stands to serve us well when we couple this with harmonious business practices. Force begets force, yet power has no counter force. The old method of business through the masculine lense has created corporate egos and just like a cancer cell that eats its host; the body, our world and the foundations of business have been ravaged by this outdated view. It is by the natural alignment of the complementary masculine and feminine forces that our planet will return to its natural cosmic dance and supply the needs of us all abundantly.

David’s career was primarily in corporate high management positions managing many employees. February 2001, he then started working for himself and in 2006 up until the present; David is Director of multi-million dollar turnover company employing well over 100 staff. His wisdom is as a result of knowledge and knowledge was as a result of experience and experience was as a result of correct choices and errors. David has come to realize that in order to succeed, you do not need to destroy your competition. We make wise decisions when we are filled with peace and harmony, the universe colludes with you to do what it has always done, and that’s freely give.

David’s insight into the new dawn of business will give you the edge and necessary ingredients to not only survive, but thrive. A thorough step by step process from the wise masters of the past to the latest discoveries in the sciences; namely, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, the arts and its application in the modern world and dawning age of the new business paradigm.

David is available for speaking engagements and workshops that will ensure harmony in your home, vibrancy in your workplace, ongoing relationships with your customers and more money in your pockets.