David Amaneddine

Born in Sydney Australia, David Amaneddine attended Manly High School on the northern beaches of Sydney Australia. David completed Business & Marketing, then Top End Management and qualifications as a nationally accredited Trainer & Assessor for Business and Self-Development. Armed with the knowledge of healing from his seventeen overseas trips, the longest stint being three and a half years in the secluded mountains with spiritual avatars, mystics, seers and revered medicine men and women, David conversed, associated and attended their social gatherings, healing rituals, ceremonies and prayer meetings. David has formalised his accreditations by completing his Certificate IV in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine and is currently finishing his nationally accredited Dual Diploma in Mind Body Medicine & Kinesiology at the College of Complimentary Medicine Pymble Campus Sydney Australia.

David invested time, discipline and money on material, lectures, books, CD’s and DVD’s that encapsulated the arts, sciences, quantum physics, ancient and current healing, religions and philosophies in order to seek a firmer understanding of Unity and better heal clients with a vast array of ancient and modern healing procedures acquired from around the world.