Holistic Business & Life Coaching

Improve Work Productivity

Most CEO’S, Directors, Managers & Business Coaches motivate staff from a one sided business approach but omit the personal, interpersonal, emotional and psychological aspects. Statistics shows motivation usually fizzles out after seven days. Holistic Business & Life Coaching is a group or one on one mentoring process which has proven to help individuals in both their personal and professional lives. Once the home life has been balanced, then significant lasting improvements in work productivity naturally follows also affecting those around them.
Our proven Business & Life Coaching helps individuals set goals and work towards achieving them, provide consistent encouragement, motivation and systematic feedback. We also help give perspective on different approaches and techniques for achieving these goals.

Employers are learning that Investing in Corporate Coaches to physically rejuvenate and motivate their employees, investing in their well being in order to reduce sickness, thereby reducing sick leave and time off. Employees feel looked after by their employer which boosts loyalty, appreciation and workplace morale.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique which helps understand the way people function. The technique helps to understand the connection between the way an individual thinks and the verbal and nonverbal patterns of communication they use to express themselves.

NLP used masterfully helps people to change their behaviours, effecting new states of mind which can help improve wellbeing.
NLP techniques to improve skills in:

  • Management and sales
  • Communication
  • Increased motivation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Personal development

When you change how you think, you’re able to build a more positive outlook for your life and work.