About David

Born in 1971 in Sydney Australia, at the age of 15 David had an inner revelation that there was more to life than the basic subsistence of the hunter gatherer mentality that most of humanity was unconsciously and frantically imprisoned by.

At the age of 18, he returned to his parent’s native country Lebanon and finished secondary school at a prestigious American High School. He spent three and a half years in the secluded mountains with spiritual avatars, mystics, seers and revered medicine men and women. David conversed, associated and attended their social gatherings, healing rituals, ceremonies and prayer meetings. This experience was to transform David’s western left brain logical thinking in contrast to the right brain higher faculties of love, health, unity and compassion. Armed with this ancient wisdom, he returned to Australia in 1993 to continue his education and manifest a transformation that was to help bring about a new age of understanding. His lack of experience ended in failure. This disheartened David which followed by his dropping out of school and left him seeking answers. As a consequence, David learned that in order to achieve balance; you first had to experience both extremes of the spectrum.

David embarked upon a crusade to seek understanding on holistic Health & Unity. How can you love, be loyal to and have a relationship with something you don’t know? David invested time, money on material, lectures, books, CD’s and DVD’s that encapsulated the arts, sciences, quantum physics, ancient and current healings, religions and philosophies in order to seek a firmer understanding of Health & Unity and thus better heal clients with a vast array of ancient and modern healing procedures acquired from around the world. After associating and living within these hidden communities that held and still practise the knowledge of the past, David came to a striking revelation; WE ARE ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE, MANKIND & OUR BODIES. When the three become one, then you say to the mountain move and it will. Jesus
“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.” Ojibwe

David then continued his studies and completed Business & Marketing, then Top End Management and qualifications as a nationally accredited Trainer & Assessor for Business and Self-Development. Armed with the aforementioned studies plus his extensive knowledge of healing from his seventeen overseas trips, David then formalised his accreditations by completing his Certificate IV in Kinesiology & Mind Body Medicine and is currently finishing his nationally accredited Dual Diploma in Mind Body Medicine & Kinesiology at the College of Complimentary Medicine Pymble Campus Sydney Australia.

We are spiritual beings, not religious beings.– “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Albert Einstein.
Our mind, body and soul are being retaught how to live as one with the elements of the earth. When we honour the elements and live in a respectful relationship with our neighbours, our bodies and the universe will collude to give us health, peace and abundance.

Peace Be Unto You